Type into not working on salesforce


I am looking to automate the process of adding an account on salesforce however, when clicking on add address the bot is not typing into the field as requested.

this is the screen that i am having difficulty in typing into. I have used get full text to read the data being entered from a word document.

is there anyone who can help me fix this?


Since it looks like having 3 windows in there, the selector must not be finding the right one… did you try anchor base using that Address Search or even if attach window to the popup first.

Cheers for your help, i got it working with attach browser

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use attach window, then use the type into checking the selector if it’s correct

Use a CLCIK IMAGE activity first and do a click on that field
Once after that use TYPE INTO activity with just the input string and no element chosen for selector

Cheers @nick.v