Type Into Not Working (Blank) After Extracting Characters From Screen Scrape

I’m trying to use Type Into to enter a 6 digit code into a userform on google chrome. I screenscrape the code from a web email using full text. It has a bunch of extra characters such as " Your Code:". To remove this I used Trim(Right(CodeVariable,6)) which should just extract the code numbers and save it into a new variable using assign.

I then use Type Into and use my newly assigned code variable as the input. However it just enters nothing and moves on to the next step. When I set the input to the CodeVariable before using Right it will work and will enter “Your Code: ######”

I also tested the variables by using writeline. The new 6 digit variable shows exactly what I was looking for (just the 6 numbers).

Anybody have any idea why type into stops working once I use Right() and create a new variable for it to input? I see writeline works fine and there’s no error.

You have your functions reversed. It should be Right(Trim(CodeVariable),6)).

Worked perfectly. Thank you!!

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