Type Into - Naming report with fixed text and date variable


I am using the type into activity to try and name a report - “Summary report + today’s date”. e.g Summary report 220119

I tried to enter the following in the field “Summary report” TodayDate. TodayDate is a DateTime variable.

I get an error "Compiler error(s) encountered processing expression ““Summary report” TodayDate”. End of expression expected.

What am I doing wrong here and is it possible to use a fixed text plus a date variable? The reason why I want to do this is to retain previously saved files, rather than overwriting the previous report.

Any help would be much appreciated.



@JeffNZ In the default value give DateTime.Now

Hello @JeffNZ,

This is a simple syntax mistake. You can save the file with a variable date by writing as it follows:

“Invoice Summary Report” + TodayDate.ToString(“yyyyMMdd”)

Notice the content of ToString, where you can ask UiPath to write the date in whichever format you like the most.

This format string can contain separators if you like to, like this:


To know more about string date formats:


Hi Juan,

Thanks so much for your fast response!

I tried to set the type into text and variable as:

“Invoice Summary Report” + TodayDate.ToString(“dd.mm.yyyy”)

The resultant save name is Invoice Summary Report01.01.01, rather than Invoice Summary Report 22.01.19

Again any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



That is because TodayDate is not set.

You should replace TodayDate with Date.Now

“Invoice Summary Report” + Date.Now.ToString(“dd.MM.yy”)

Kind regards!

Hello @JeffNZ,

If this worked for you, please mark the answer as solution.

Kind regards!

Done thanks!

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