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Hello, I was doing a project to insert data from an Excel file into a database through my application. The value insertion into the text field is on a modal and UiPath wasn’t able to detect the text field. I did try multiple times using UI Explorer to configure the selector but unfortunately failed to.

I did try to search for solutions but to no avail. I would be glad if anyone has an idea how to solve this. Thanks.

@Seungwan Were you able to Indicate the Text Field using Type Into Activity? Also have you tried using Different Frameworks in UiExporer?

No I wasn’t able to and yes, I did try the other frameworks which are the ‘Active Accessibility’ and ‘UI Automation’

@Seungwan Ok, Then Last Option that I can think of is By using Hot Keys. Can you Check if you are able to Send Hot Keys and Bring the Control to the Text Field Required. This method can only be applied when The Fields that you are filling is always constant.


Hi, sorry took a long time to reply. I was able to enter the data using only Send Hotkeys. Thank you for the idea! :+1:t2:

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