Type into list data


I want write a data list string in an application other than Excel.
I tested with “Inveke Method” or “Add to Collection”, but I can’t write my variables in SAP.
I want to write all values at the same time.

Do you know how to do it ?

Thank you

do you mean like all the values in a list variable to a single field of SAP
if so

or if not kindly elaborate the scenario pls



If you observe selector for first and second line it will show Row and colume value and based on that you can increment it one by one depending on how many items you have in your list.


I want to write the values in each field, but simultaneously.

as if I was making a copy and paste of an Excel table

Today I’m going to ctr C and V, but I’m looking for a better solution that doesn’t take the hand on the keyboard.


You cant really do multiple write operations simultaneously, as activities are sequential (unless you can use the Parallel activity if you know how many lines you will have to write, but still Copy and Paste seems like a good solution to your case…

Were we able to do this manually
if so kindly share that process so that we could get you through the activities that can be used for the same
Cheers @Maud


I Scan value, keep the list of values and copy it into an SAP transaction.

My objective is to save time because my process is in Attended.

But I want work in other application in same time.

Ok thank you, that’s what I’m doing. I’m looking for a better way.


Thank you



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Hi @Maud

Since copy/paste works for you, if you have the selector for the paste location, can’t you just use the Send Hotkey activity?