Type into is not working with variable in citrix


I am using type into in citrix after send a tab that display a selection window. When I put explicit an string between “” the string is taken but when I put a variable with the string the value appears in blank. How do I make that type into take the value of the variable?

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does the variable has value in it
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That is an excelent question. I am using V2019.8.0 when I try to display the variable with message box the flow in citrix doesn´t display the box. Also if I use a write line to print the variable doesn´t print anything. Appears that the debuger in this version is not working.
Any idea?

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What is the source of that variable
Are we hard coding it or it is obtained from another activity
Kindly try once running in normal mode by going to design tab and click on play button (Start)

It’s purely due to the null value of the variable
If we come to know that reason behind the scene then we are good
Cheers @Juan_Carlos_Zazueta

The Source of this variable is a Dictionary Value of type string that is put in another String Variable is not hard coded. The issue is that if I put a breakpoint where I do the assign the debuger is not working.
Appear to me that Uipath studio is installed correctly but the debuger is not working, and I cannot see the value of the variable inside the process even when I write all the diccionary in an excel file.


if the variable does not contain anythings, it will display as a blank row
if it skip the write line activity it wont display a blank row there


You are right, my mistake the diccionary was using the wrong suscriptor.
But remains that in the Studio V2019.8.0 the debuger is not working.
Do you know if there is a report of this issue in v2019.8.0?