Type into is not working properly

Hello All,
I am trying to use Type into and send text to the description box for an UI element. When i do this. my charecters are printing irregularlu. Can you advise why?

Here is the String i am passing : "Impact Start Time: "
What it is sending it to text feild? : impact start time;

“I” is small, “S” is small and “T” is small. and ‘;’ in place of ‘:’

Can anyone tell me why it is prininting irregular case letters?

Thank you.

Hy @Karthi_Teja_Malyala,

I looks like your system is converting all text to lower case, could try typing it yourself to check if the result is the same.

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Have you tried using properties shown in the image. Click on simulatetype once and run the process if it works then fine, if it does not then uncheck simulatetype and click send window message and than run the process. You can try this once.

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hello @Karthi_Teja_Malyala,

Could you please use Set Text activity which works like paste operation?