Type Into is not working in Windows 10 for Type Search text box of system

Hi All,

Some selector issue is occurring though selector is properly validated when we are using Type into activity for typing anything into “Type Search text box” of windows 10.

Please help me and do the needful

Attaching screesnhot.

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Kindly enable simulate type and try once again
Or if that doesn’t work
Reselect the same field once again as a element with this type into activity and also enable the above mentioned property

Cheers @vaibhav_mishra

Hi @vaibhav_mishra,

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Thank you for posting your query in UiPath Developer Forum.

Remove the calculator from the selector and try once.

Hi Palani,

I did all that but the same issue is occurring.


Hi @vaibhav_mishra

Use Ui Explorer & try to highlight the correct selector

use either simulate type & use click before typing as enabled

ashwin S

Not working :frowning:

If we are searching from start then use
Send hot key activity with key as win+r
Followed by that use type into activity and search for Calculator with expression like this
And enable sendwindowmessage property and disable simulate type property in the property panel of type into activity

Cheers @vaibhav_mishra

Hi Palani,

In send hot key you get the “win” checkbox option but there is no r key then how will we open by using win+r

Yah in the drop down option send hot key enter a character r
So win check box been enabled and r mention in that small key box will click in the screen combined

Cheers @vaibhav_mishra

Hey Palani,

Its not working…error is coming…key is not in the list.

Like this
Cheers @vaibhav_mishra

Yes Palani,

I did the same but its giving the error.

Let me check again I think its working.

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Thanks Palani its working but calculator is sstill not working because typing in text box after “win+r” calcultor application is not showing.

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Type as “calc”

Cheers @vaibhav_mishra

@Palaniyappan Thanks Palni…its working now…Palani need to understand one more thing what does this entire expression means which you mentioned above… “calculator”+”[k(enter)]”

First part before + is the string we want
And second part “[k(enter)]” is a hot key which will press enter once the before kart calculator is typed into that field
It’s more like using type into activity itself without using Send hotkeys
We can choose whatever we need in the plus symbol available in the type into activity input field bar
Press on that and you can see many hotkeys that can be used

And ensure that when such hotkeys are used enable sendwindowmessage property and disable simulate type property in the property panel of type into activity

Cheers @vaibhav_mishra

Thanks Palaniyan…foe such smal l nuance. :slight_smile:

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