Type Into is not working in 'ExpenseIt' app which is there in Lesson 7 in Basic UiPath training

Type Into is not working in ‘ExpenseIt’ app which is there in Lesson 7 in Basic UiPath training.

Main.xaml (4.8 KB)

ExpenseIt.zip (106.9 KB)

Can anybody please help me on this ?

Hi @Gaurab, Welcome the Community… please be more specific, what error are you getting?

i just ran your program now and it works fine

I do not know what you are trying to do, but try this, run it and modify it to what you want it to do.

Main=.xaml|attachment (9.4 KB)

Hi Senzo,

Thank you so much for your reply.

I am trying to open your .xaml file, but I am getting some error. Please refer the attached scrren-shot :

In addition to the previous problem, I have noted that a simple ‘Type Into’ is not working in my Laptop. I am opening a notepad and using ‘Type into’ to write something on it. Even it is not working. I have 2018.4.5 UiPath Studio version.

I am a beginner in this field and dont have the coding experience as well. I need your assistance.

you need to update your studio bro, i am using v2019.12, that could be the reason why you cannot run the file i sent you.

Ok. Thank you.

Is there any alternative way apart from updating the software ?

To fixing your initial problem, yes there are other solutions, you could use a screen recorder to walk uipath to what you are trying to do, you can also use UI explore to customize your selector… there are many more options you can try.

But to be able to run the file I sent you, the only way is to upgrade your studio version

Ok. Thanks. I will try and will reach out to you in case of any issue. Thanks for your help.

@Gaurab anytime