Type Into 'INPUT recipient-name-7...': Could not find the UI element corresponding to this selector

Hi all, I used type into activity to enter recipient’s email into a text box using the following:

I was able to run the script, but now it doesn’t work and throws the error shown below:

how can i solve this error? thank you!


It has already mentioned the closest match
Did we try replacing the selector with those and gave a try


give a try for email recipient 1 by following part within the selector
aaname='*Email Recipient 1*'

Hi thank you for your replies. I’ve tried both methods but still, an error is thrown
@ppr @Palaniyappan

please share always the error information with us. Thanks for support

hi this is the error


Can you Try as below?

*Email * Receipient 1*

Hope this may help you


as you can see the id portion is a randomly generated value and makes the selector weak and unreliable. Just check for a more reliable and general selector. Check the element structures and give a try on removing the id part from selector


In the closest selector choose the first one
Or copy it and paste it in the selector editor replacing your current selector

After pasting it, we need to make changes in that
In selector editor uncheck the id attribute the right side of the window
And in aaname mention like this

Cheers @aly

@Srini84 @Palaniyappan
Hi I have tried both your solutions
*Email * Receipient 1* throws the same error

and if i follow @Palaniyappan’s solution, the field will be emptied and the email is entered in the Name textbox instead
i’ve also tried unchecking/removing the id attribute, but to no avail