Type into 'INPUT' execution error

How do I start fixing this error? Where should i look at?

Screenshot 2023-08-06 173637

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Hi @helpplease

This error usually occurs when the activity associated with this error has a variable with no value in it.

Check the Value is initialized in the variable or not. Before the Type into activity place an write line activity and check any value is printing in the output panel or not.

Hope it helps!!


“NullReferenceException” is a common runtime exception that occurs when you attempt to access or manipulate an object or variable that has not been initialized or does not exist (i.e., it points to “null”). This exception can occur when working with variables, arrays, collections, or other objects that are not assigned a value or are set to “null” explicitly.

Hi @helpplease

This Null reference exception error generally occurs when you don’t pass the value to type otlr or pass the variable in the type into activity.

Make sure you pass the variable in Type into acitivty. Make sure your passed variable is initialized too.

Hope you understand!!

the variable you are trying to type has no value @helpplease , make sure it is assigned a value first

Thank you all!! I figured it out. Thank you :slight_smile:

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Thank you @helpplease

Happy Automation!!

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