Type into in Citrix with no selector

Hello friends,
I have to type in a box not identified by a selector in the Virtual Machine, the one called “Data Incasso”,

a date which is stored in a variable.
When the bot runs sometimes il interts the correct date, other times it inserts an uncorrect date.
This gives a problem to to part of the process of the transaction data.
Is there a method that works in every case?
I used this method.

Thank you so much.
Camilla :slight_smile:

Hi @CamiCat,
Again I am asking . if you don’t mind.


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Hello @balupad14.
I try toninvestigate it and let you know.
Thank you,

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Hi @CamiCat,

Refer this post

and try to focus on the text box using TAB key else use click image activity to focus to the textbox and type you input.

else try to record citrix environment and type you input and save it


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