Type into ImageNow properties which shows in selector as a listbox

Hi all, first post here,

So I basically ran across an issue which I am not sure how to resolve, in an application ImageNow there is a list of properties that I have to fill in and once chosen they show up in a selector as a ListBox. The problem is, I cannot choose nor finetune the correct box where I want to type. Is there any way of finding out how to finetune the selector or is there any other activity (I have tried set text, type into, get attribute, select item since it’s a listbox, click) which will give me a direct access?

Here is a listbox that I want to type into (especially employee name):

And here is a uiexplorer selector once I choose the box:

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks :smiley:

If you are able to type into that window or if your bot is recognizing the fields inside that window, you can try using anchor base tags which will identify the fields based on the left side text.

Actually I have resolved it, turns out the selector does not recognise the edit box until I click on the description box for example:
Click Employee Name - edit works in the field next to it

Since I can use anything to click it like Click Image, I can then do TypeInto or Set Text. However, Click Image is not the quickest way, so if there is any other efficient workaround I am glad to see it.

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