Type Into Function is not working with Saved Values

I am using a website that requires the use of a user name and password that is unique to each user. I had everything working where by UiPath would ask for the user name and password and then create Saved Values. Then UiPath would successfully enter these values in the correct fields when needed.

I tried to create a validation tool for the user name and password, as well as updated a few packages.

Now when the Type Into goes to fill in the blank it give me the saved value with additional characters.

How do I get this to stop?


May I know what type of additional characters is it adding ? Can you please run the process in Debug mode and check step by step where it is exactly adding it.

You may use message Box or log to verify the username before it is filled into a blank field. It is possible that the username/password you retrieved is different from what you think.

If the username and password are correct, you can activate “Empty field” option before filling in a blank field as illustrated below.

I am using StudioX, which I don’t believe has a debug mode. The characters look like this :せ㝸䙆䅂䙁㘵䐲崰䄠低䅍奌›敭湡湩汧獥⁳䕒⁘牰晥硩甠敳൤嬊砰䘷䉆䅁㉆䈸〰⁝乁䵏䱁㩙洠慥楮杮敬獳删塅瀠敲楦

I don’t see the same properties you do, maybe because I’m in StudioX. I did look at the properties screen and it shows that it will empty the field before typing into it.

Hello @Brandon_Friedlander ,

If you are using studiox, try as below. Select Empty field as Multiline.