Type Into From Excel

Hi, I’m having a problem regarding the Type Into activity. I’ve tried to extract data from Excel by column and want to paste it into web search. Unfortunately, the extraction also copied the column number. What should I do to fix it (exclude the column number) ? This is for the example.


How did u extract and how did you paste ?

Hey Luqman,

Use a read range activity, it will give you the output in a datatable variable.

Get values while iterating the datatable rows, and then use the value inside the web search box.
Let me know if that works for you.


Im using Read range e.g “C2:C2” for column C2 only, but it appears to extract which column do I copy. I just want the content not which column. As for the paste, I use Write Range.

Firstly, I use the Read Range Activity to extract the content from excel. For example, I want to extract the content from C2, then I put in “C2:C2”. Is it okay for me like this for only one cell or there is other way?

After that, I use the Type Into Activity to write the output of the Read Range on the web search. This is where the problem starts.

Next, I use the Get Attribute Activity to extract the URL of the thing that I search just now.

The URL then need to be extracted back to the Excel file. This one I use the Write Range activity.