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I am trying to run an excel automation to copy data and fill into a form. It’s worked well with out inputting data’s. Now I want it to input student data name and all but the conversion is not working. Error is ‘compiler error encountered processing expression ‘dataTable’ option strict on disallows implicit conversion from ‘system.data.datatable’ to system.collections.IEnumeratable.’

You need to use it in for each row
Look like this
Test.xlsx (8.1 KB) Main.xaml (7.5 KB)


You have multiple options

either go with foreach row activity and loop through datatable or if you want any specific row value use


here we are referring zeroth index of datatable

Can you help with a view here I can seem to read the file when I download

Have you look that workflow?
It will give you idea

yeah i did sorry but whats the read range activity for ?

Hi @Morgan7 ,

Read range activity is used to read an excel and store the excel tabular data to a .net datatype called datatable.


Thanks guys i am fine now it worked … :grinning: :wink:

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