Type Into for saving files to directory

I am creating dynamic directory and sub directory and in one document i have to send hotkey to print and then save the file to dynamically created sub directory.

When i keep any valid path its working great where as its not working for me with the dynamic path :
Config(“OUtputFolder”).ToString+""+TransactionItem(“FOLDER NAME”).ToString+"\I-9eForm"+"\I-9 EForm.pdf"

This is an issue with one of the variables you’re using in the string. One of the variables hasn’t been intialised, perhaps use writeline to check each one?

Check you config file.
Is the name of ouputfolder a typo?

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no its not a typo

Has the config file definitely been read already or been defined properly in the invoke? Same goes for the Transaction item variable. I really would suggest testing them seperately so you can identify which is causing the issue

Config(“OUtputFolder”).ToString+""+TransactionItem(“FOLDER NAME”).ToString+"\I-9eForm"+"\I-9 EForm.pdf"

Both Config and TransactionItem are Arguments and i used this same to create dynamic folders in different WF and here also

CDI_NavigateTo_I9.xaml (43.3 KB)

Yes as at the same very location folders are created, i mean Output path

ok, suggest you to writeline both the variables that you have used in the path.
I think that should provide you with a better picture of whats not set.

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