Type into existing Pop Up & not a launch a new one


I have been searching the forums, tutorials, and youtube and not finding an answer to this question. How do I work within an existing pop up and not launch a new one in StudioX? I am new to this, thus using the basic RPA software. I am attempting to automate logging into a program as the first part of an API upload, so launching a new IE window does not link back to the desktop application for successful launch.

I’ve tried:

  1. “Use Application/Browser” to select the pop up, but it links the URL address and upon running, creates a new pop up that does not link to the login application.
  2. Attempted using the above activity and then linking all connecting activities to “Get Active Window” which still drives to the new launched pop up.
  3. Final try was “Use Application/Browser”, but clicked the entire pop up window, which then copied the java url and upon running, adds an additional 3rd pop up window to approve launching java.

Is there a way to not launch a new pop up and use the already auto populated one?

If anyone has a tutorial on this topic, I appreciate the assistance.


Hi @jlibroo,
Welcome to the Community!
The “Use Application/Browser” activity is used when you want to perform something and new instance of web browser. To work on already opened popup you need to use just “click” activity for example.