Type into error : Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector:


First of all, i wanna say thanks to everone who in this community, iam new, but can allready see how much you help each other.

You will probably soon see that I’m quite new to this, but hope that one of you will help me if possible.

I have the problem that I would like to log on to a particular website. The problem here is that it works fine if I have had the browser open once before. But as soon as I shut it down, it says it can not find UI element.

It works fine if I want to log on to facebook (used facebook as a test), but on this particular website it is not possible.

Someone who can test and see what goes wrong.
thanks in advance



I get the error allready in first section.

@Mohammed_Hassan This is the selector error

Yeah, but the reason the error comes, its because it cant find the box.
If i use the same selector on other websites it works fine.
Seems like something special is needed for working on banks log in

@Mohammed_Hassan, leaving aside the questionable security of using a bot to automate your bank website: The website uses variable IDs. That is why the bot won’t work after you restart your browser. If you used the recorder to record your workflow, that will usually not do what you want if you have variable IDs. I’d usually recommend using UI explorer to identify attributes you might use instead of IDs to identify the input field you want, but the website has multiple copies of the input field, so this would probably not be very reliable.

What I’d do in this case is to use UI explorer to find the label above your input field using aaname, then use the Anchor Base activity to enter the text. Here’s an example workflow

Main.xaml (5.9 KB)

"<html title='Log på NetBank' /><webctrl tag='LABEL' aaname='Indtast bruger-id.' />"

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Regarding the security, the username is just for view, cant do any transektion.

When i use same workflow as you, it still dont work. Maybe iam trying something to hard compared, where my skill level is atm.

i copy your workflow and added “open browser”

Hello everybody!!

I have a similar problem but with opening an application, I had tried to use Anchor Base, Computer vision, and keyboard solutions, but it does not work, please help me, see images about it for more info.
Any idea??

Thanks very much.