Type into element can't execute

Hello everyone,

I am trying to “Type into” element but with no success.
I tried everything, editing the target with many options.
The field is a dropdown and I need to click it and than type into and than select the city name.
When I select the “click” it is working well and recognize the field, but when I am trying to “type into” its jump to the bottom of the page.

  • In other forms I have this kind of field its works fine, only this form is not.

I am adding some screen shots
Please help me with this


Solve with delay

I assume this is solved, after you added delay in your solution

@mironb please close it if it is resolved with delay

Of course how can I close it ?

@mironb Mark the reply as solution… It will mark the thread as closed.

Thanks the issue is solved

Now it is solved :slight_smile:

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