Type Into don't work from orchestrator

Hello everyone!
I used Type Into for logIn in web version 1C.
There 2 fields: Login, Password.
Login always fill successful, but password fill only from studio. Why?
Properties typeInto: Activate, Click Before, Empty Field, SimulateType - true

@RPA3 You mean that the value is not picked from orchestrator Asset (credentials)?


As you said used Simlate Type field and then it should work.

Do one thing after entering username and send Tab key to go password and then type password.

No. Field don’t find, if run process from orchestrator

@RPA3 What is your exact issue?

Password is not getting entered or the field is not found?

the field is not found

@RPA3 Did you try with other combinations?

  1. Just simulate click without activate
  2. Just SendWindowMessages
  3. Without any simulate or sendwindowmessages

Are you getting any selector issue? or the password field in just empty?

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Yes, i tried.
The login field fill
But the password field in just empty

@RPA3 If you are using Orchestrator to retrieve the password, just update the password again and try running the process.

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Not.Not recovery. Every time I need to enter a username and password.