Type Into converts 'a into á - US Int. keyboard layout

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to use a simple Type Into activity to enter a variable string into a field.
However, whenever that variable contains either ’ or " before a vowel, instead of showing these characters before the vowels, it will show as an accent. When a space follows the ’ or ", the space will not show.
An example, if the variable string would be the following: aaa ‘aaa’ ‘bbb’ “ooo”, the Type into activity would instead lead to aaa áaa’'bbb’öoo"

The reason that this must happening is that I’m using a US International Keyboard layout. In this layout, the ’ and " keys are used to create accents on letters. When these symbols should show in front of the vowel (instead of becoming an accent) the spacebar is pressed: this explains why spaces after an accent are not shown.

It seems that the Type Into activity does not take this into consideration. When switching keyboard layout, the problem is fixed, however, since in my company different keyboard layouts are used by different people, it’s hard to depend on this. Has anyone faced this problem and does someone know a solution or workaround?

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Hi @coenelferink,

Is SimulateType checked?

You have to think that type into is exactly that, it will simulate the logged in user typing, so that you need to make sure that those windows settings are ok… there are other options to insert text into applications, set text, paste text etc…

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@msan, SimulateType unfortunately doesn’t work in the application.
@bcorrea, Set Text wasn’t working for me but Set to Clipboard and send hotkey ctrl+v was! That should work as a fix.

Thanks both of you for the quick help!

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