Type into Chrome Browser Acme System 1 Timeout error

Since yesterday I noticed that the standard login routine into ACME System 1 training website has stopped working inthe Chrome browser. It is very simple workflow, similar to the Assignment 1 or 2 in the Advanced training.
First time Type into email works fine in 75% cases however the second time in the same workflow (after log out and close Chrome) it doesn’t work at all 100%.
It is timeout error. Sometimes attach browser also stops working. Can anyone explain what is going on ? The day before yesterday there was no problem. I have Chrome UI Path Web Automation extension installed and enabled with no limitaiton.
Please see the workflow attached.System1Login.xaml (16.3 KB)

I have the same problem. When i start the proces from the machine it works, but if i start the proces from orchistrator, it times out when doing first activity in Chrome.

Hi @MichaelK

Use navigate to activity and then inside attach browser place your activities.

Hi @ChagantiAkhil

Thank you. I’m slightly confused about the sequence of the activities. Do I understand this is the right one:

  1. Open Chrome Browser (URL), “New session” checked
  2. Navigate to (URL)
  3. Attach browser
  4. Type Into

I have tried it and it works !
However the trick is to pass the UIBrowser variable output in the Open Browser activity.
As long as I pass it via the arguments in my workflows it all works stable.
I did not use this variable before and just indicated the element on the screen which proved to be not 100% stable.

Okay, cool !!