Type into beginer question

Very basic question I build a sequence and at some point I want to Type Into “some text”.
I need this to happen without checking for anything, just type the text at his point in time.

Side question but this time it is outside of a sequence, just a stand alone action, At some point my cursor is in a text box and I want to Type Into Some text by typing a hotkey, i.e. ctrl-5 would type “Hello World”. How do I do that?

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hi @pcand

i think the User events activities could help you, there are an activity called “key press trigger”, the robot recognize if this combination is used, and proceed with the actions to do, in this case type in a specific place. Hope it helps with your idea.



Great while I do not know how to set the Selector property to a generic value so it will type in wherever the cursor is at the moment I send the press key trigger, it can be any window but I cannot leave Selector blank. I do not find a doc, it always ask me to specify a scope. I do not want a scope for this, just type the text now…

Hi @pcand

Just to make this a little bit clear… you want to type the text in any window that you select? Or is there a specific place you want to type

HI, I want to use the press key trigger to type text where the cursor is.
This can be in any window, any text box and it will change over time. I do not have to select open or click
These are hard to type text snippets that I have to type many times an hour in many different windows, so much so that I will benefit from a little help from UIPath typing this for me.
A random window appear, I press ctr-t, the text is typed.

I tried many things to disable the need for a Selector value with no success.
I am sure that there is a way to have UI path typing a string after getting a Key Press trigger, and this regardless of what is the active window or text box. I need to void the need for the (target) Selector

I got it to work. It is published and doing the type into no matter what the window is.
Next step, create a workflow with it so I can have multiple hotkeys/strings combinations in the same project.

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