Type into activity12

In excel after executing the macro the pop will come as in the attachment. I need to type “NACH currentdate” i.e like “Nach 11082021”. But I couldn’t please help me to sort the issue

Hi @HeartCatcher ,
please write this code-

“Nach” + now.toshortdatestring.

Give a try.

I done but it is neither entering nor giving the error

Hi @HeartCatcher

Can we try enabling the “Click Before Typing” option in “Type Into” properties


Sometimes the “Type into” activity doesn’t work well on Desktop Applications so an other optional way is to use “Send Hotkey” activity
what I mean is to copy the input by “Copy Selected Text” activity and then a “Click” activity just to make sure the popup tab is selected and finally “Send hotkey” activity to paste the input

Hope it helps


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It can be solved by using Parallel activity.