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Hello everyone, can you help me with this issue? As you can see in this images, I have this “Type into” activity (first picture). I have in my excel file 3 rows of data so I need to write them into SAP fields but this activity he types me only in one field overwrite them. As you can see the second picture (from my robot), I don’t have the “type into” like in the third picture. I tried with reinstalling the package but nothing. Does any one know what should I do ? I’m stuck. :frowning:

Thank you very much!


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Please find the attached snaps below and make the changes in your studio.

Turn this off:-

if you wants to use modern activities inside the classic please follow below image:


after clicking that we can see an option called show classic click on that. now you can see the option.


if you wants to change the modern to classic only for this project please follow below:


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as mentioned above you might have to enable the classic activities for this and also make sure that SAP scripting is enabled {just going out on the ledge assuming they are not, as I had a similar problem}


The reason is you are using a type into activity with first cell selected as a element
So whenever bot iterates through the rows of datatable every time it types with same first cell only because of the selector

So to resolve this usually in SAP and that too for these kind of page we will be having an option to click on a button named “Copy from Clipboard”
You can find that button in that small pop up at the right bottom of the screen among multiple options

You can click on that button so that bot paste the value in all cells of SAP with correct value

Now to get that value into clipboard use this below two activities

  1. Assign activity like this

Strinput = String.Join(Environment.Newline, (From row in dt.AsEnumerable() Select Convert.Tostring(row(“ColumnName”)) ) .ToList())

Now this Strinput will have your row value as a single text

  1. Pass this string to SET TO CLIPBOARD activity so that it gets loaded to clipboard

  2. Now use a Normal click activity and click on that button as said above

If you couldn’t find that button no worries
Next to step 2 use a SEND HOT KEY ACTIVITY and with key as ctrl+v and indicate the first cell

This will paste the value from clipboard in same way

Hope this would help you resolve this

Cheers @ovidiu_2088

Thank you all for the fast answer, the issue was the modern design, now I can see it. :slight_smile:

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