Type into activity package

Hi team,

I am facing an error with type into error as “desktop cannot Communicate with Ui”
Can i know the Package which needs to be installed inorder to activate Type into activity.

Thanks in Advance

Rajitha Nallagatla


can you share your code here.

It seems more of Browser extension issue. Please share more details

In Chrome it is able to Open the Browser…I get an exception type as Uipath.core.Exception.

Please someone help me out

First, test the Chrome Extension by opening UiExplorer and try to select elements on any random site. If you can not then follow below instructions:

Your Chrome Extension for UiPath is most likely corrupted. Go to Manage Extensions in Chrome, uninstall the UiPath extension, close Chrome. Then, go to Studio, Install the Chrome Extension from there, Add Extension if needed, restart Chrome again. Now, test it from like UiExplorer on a random site to make sure that elements can be selected. If they can, then it’s working.

If you can select elements, then the Extension is working and you should be able to use the TypeInto as expected.


Whatever u suggested I have tried it but no luck.

I am able to launch website in any browser.

Type into activity is not able to communicate with You activities.

Please help me out

Hi Team,

Please help me out for this type into activity error

Hey @rajithanallagatla
If it helps here is technical support. Contact Technical Support

The “Desktop disconnected” error I’m not sure about.