Type Into Activity not working MS planner

I am trying to type into MS Planner. The TypeInto activity can recognize the Ui element when I indicate what I want it to type into but then when I run the bot it throws an exception

can you share more details on the exception @gianna.demetroulakos ?

This is the exception i keep getting

try to add some more properties to that selector check once in ui expleror

This is what the selector looks like. I can’t add in either of the 2 greyed elements

open this selector in UI Explorer and send me the screen shot

It is telling me I can’t open it in Ui Explorer since it is not valid

okay do onething open UI explorer from design tab and indicate the element and see the peroperties.

add properties Type,title,aaname
and remove id
and validate it once and highlight it add see

it was unable to validate

Strange that it didn’t validate properly.
In this case, the problem with the id is it has a number that keeps changing dynamically every time you load this page. You can probably try using these properties: Tag, aaname, id

Once you select id, randomize the number part in between- Like this
Hope this works.

Hi, unfortunately that was unable to validate too

Okay. Then here is something that you can try, with the Repair feature on selector editor-

In your Type Into Activity - Click Indicate on screen and point to your element on the browser.

Then manually refresh the page on your MS Planner application, or open the same page for a different transaction (which causes the ID to change).

Then on the Type Into activity, choose Edit Selector and then click Repair. Point to the same element once again. This will modify your selector to the apt one by itself. Repeat this step with a few more page loads if needed, unless no more change happens on the selector in the Selector Editor. Now your selector would be good to use across all variations of that dynamic element.


Hope this solves your problem. Let me know if you still face any issues.