Type into Activity: Keys available are not working properly

I am trying to give credentials into a web login page.

I have a text like this: “152338[k(tab)]rrr@123[k(enter)]”

But, while entering the data, tab and enter keys are not getting recognized.

Like in the Username field only text is typed as 152338[k(tab)]rrr@123[k(enter)] instead of 152338.

Please help on this

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Buddy in type into uncheck the simulate click and check the sendwindowmessages property and try buddy
this will work for sure
Cheers @rameshgp43

were you able to enter the text now buddy @rameshgp43

Thanks its working…

what is wrong with simulate click in recognising the keys like tab, enter etc.?

Buddy usually simulate type property been enabled will type the text whatever written in the text property of type into
if we are using any short keys in our text then we should use on sendwindowmessages buddy
Cheers @rameshgp43

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