Type into activity cannot detect search bar

Hi guys, so i am troubleshooting a RPA workflow from the previous intern and i noticed that he was able to detect and assign the search bar to a type into activity. However, when i try it myself(as there is an issue), i cannot seem to get the activity to pick it up…

The workflow was created in version 18.something (i can’t remember) and i am currently running it on 2020.10.2 as my company wishes to upgrade it to a newer version.

I know for a fact that the RPA workflow still works fine on the older version but i just can’t seem to get it to detect the search bar…

Please advice on what i can try. Thank You!

P.S. i cannot take any screenshot as the workflow is on my company work machine with no internet access.

Hi @wasd,

What you can do is, you can open up Ui Explorer → Navigate to Visual tree. In that try to get the search bar element out of it.

I think, this the only way to detect it!!

i can’t use UiExplorer too… my company group policy blocked it.

Hi @wasd ,

Use new typeinto activity and click on the element → help me with the error message wat you are getting!!

PS- were you able to get the selector of search bar?