Type in Activity taking much time on intranet site

Hey Guys,

Hope you all are good !

I am developing a re framework module there -> Opening a intranet site -> Accessing credential from Orchestrator-> Type In to login Field.

Problem is fetching and typing is taking approx 1 minute time, On the other hand If I am
Opening any other site like gmail and accessing orchestrator asset credential it’s fetching quickly.

I tried to do many things, but nothing working my way.


Hi @gks.gauravkr,
Is the same happening if you will try to experiment with attributes like SimulateType etc?

@gks.gauravkr - when you manually open the intranet site in browser -> is it opening quickly?

in uipath process - can you check any delay/element exists/type into properties-> any before/after additional checks added ?

can you share the process flow screenshot with properties of type into textbox?