Type Browser in Studio

Please provide an Object Browser, like what’s already in Visual Studio to check out all of types’ public members so our coding experience in Studio be improved. Relying on Auto-completion to that end is not a good practice.

Hi @atoi,
Could you please show us example of your thought?

Like this, Object Browser in VS:


What about this?

Not that one. As you know that acts as a filter upon selecting an expression; an autocomplete feature. What I’m saying is a window that you have full visibility upon every object and type with their explanations like what Object Browser in VS provides. For example, I want to know what methods or properties an specific type like GenericValue offers so when I’m thinking about my development plan and creating development architectures, I can decide better beforehand rather than to type and test what each object can offer. We all know there some info about common methods of some types in UiPath docs but that doesn’t fulfill the task I’m referring to, because first there is only few info and second I need to jump over to docs.uipath.com everytime for just some little and simple things which many aren’t there to find.

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Maybe you can think of extending this particular window to more details like methods, properties, interfaces and so on.

You can find this window in UiPath Studio in Variables > Variable Type > (Drop Down list) > Browse for Types …


@atoi, Now it’s clearer to me :slight_smile:
Thank you for your suggestion. I added it to our internal ideas tracker for our team to consider.