Txt to excel

Hi guys,
i have one .txt file which has some empty lines above i want to convert the data in excel with proper format by removing “|”.will share my txt file data via screenshot

my Code:formattxt.xaml (8.5 KB)

Split the string by | and then convert that into a datarow to add to excel.

i tried this not working for me

share you my codeformattxt.xaml (8.5 KB)

Can you plese share that text file?

no option to upload .txt file here will share u all text data in .xls. but my data is coming in .txt.u copy data from xls New Microsoft Excel Worksheet (2).xls (9.1 KB) and paste it in .txt manually

Do one thing just copy that txt file in compressed folder and send it
btw it is possible to covert it in Proper format as i tried it on your excel which u have provided
Pls send text file in compressed folder

New Microsoft Excel Worksheet (2).xls (9.7 KB)

pls check i will share the xmal once u send me the txt file
I have did this by using VBA

For your split try you are missing c after the delimiter to declare the character

It should be : Split(item,"|"c)

still not working.i tried arr1=Split(item,"|"c)

What about using Read CSV activity? Did you checked?

Maybe you have to do some data cleansing before and some filtering afterwards.