Two robots invoking the same .xaml?

What will happen if two robots invoke the same .xaml at the same time but lets say with different ‘in’ arguments.
Does UiPath creates some kind of a local/temporary copy of the invoked .xaml or what ?

Both robots won’t run at the same time @Petar_Soce. So, not at all a problem :slight_smile:


Once you push the package into a Robot, it will create a Package in Robot machine

Local directory of packages- C:\Users\.nuget\packages

Two diferent robots(users) invoking the .xaml that is on the shared folder. They are using the same application at the same time (doing different things) but the .xaml they are invoking is the login to the page. Dont want for them to have separate login xaml for the same app so they are invoking it from the shared folder to log in.
We are not using orchestrator.


In this case, you can use credentials for keep different user and password for login
in different PC.

xaml file call credentials [A] for login

Add credentials[A] to PC no1 by user:A
Add credentials[A] to PC no2 by user:B

Hope it will help you.

Thank you but I dont have an issue, I know how to deal with this, I’m just curios.
If you invoke the same .xaml (from the same location) at the same time (different robots) but giving him diferent ‘in’ values will it work ?