Two robots and one process

how can i use one published process on two robots with two different machines.

for example:
i have developed an automation process in one machine with uiPath studio and published it.
i would like to use the published process from another machine.
i have created a second robot for second machine. however, when i am trying to process the second robot( robot2) from the orchestrator, i could not run the process from it. should i also publish the process from second machine ?

could someone help me to resolve this. thank you!

Do you see any error while trying to run the process for your robot2?

Rammohan B.


thank you for your reply. yes i see the process sate as ‘Faulted’ , when i run it with robot2.

Check the Job Details for that Job record and see if it shows you any exception?

Rammohan B.

i am using Microsoft Azure Virtual machine as another device to run robot2.
when i see the job record it says: " Cannot act as user AZURUSER. make sure UiRobot is running as a service!"

‘Azuruser’ is the username i have give to the virtual machine.

thank you!

Do you have a license for Robot2 or you are using Community Edition?

Usually you may get this error if your credentials are not proper. Make sure that you are giving the username in the correct format for ‘domain\username’ field.

Check this by entering ‘whoami’ under command prompt.

Rammohan B.

Hi Rammohan,

Thank you very much!

i did not gave the domain name. now its working fine.
i used ‘whoami’ to get the credentials.

i am using community edition.

best regards,