Two questions for the Advanced Training

Hi there!

I just completed the UIPath Advanced Training with a grade of 82/100 for the 2nd assignment. However, I know what went wrong, so I want to retake the assignment. A grade of 100/100 looks nicer. Is that possible?

Another question. When I go the RPA Developer - Advanced Learning Plan, it says that I only completed 44%. However, I have completed all the necessary components… Am I missing a diploma now? I want to get everything worked out before the end of this month (the end of the free period…)

  1. Re-take is not possible for the assignments. Do not worry about the grade, certificate and uipath experience matters at the end.

  2. Check individual courses. Some courses are grouped, so overall percentage looks low. For example, advanced learning plan contains Foundation, Orchestrator (different versions >3-4) and Advanced.

The free period is extended until the end of June. So you have a time to do. Do not wait till the last minute. Just complete.

All the best.

Karthik Byggari