Two names of columns

i have a table like shown in screenshot. but i want to read the value from
but i want to read the data in the datatable how can i do it. read range gives error column having duplicate record. Column are below once which having alphabatical values.


Uncheck AddHeaders property then read range without header area. We need to use column index number instead of column name

The error is because you have same column name as b alphabet

Hope this helps

@Chirag_Shetty_Divakar but have to get the details also which is not possible through index columns may change in future
Thanks for reply

is there any way to add the above row in below and then reading tale

Hey @Shubham_Kinge ,
Can you please elaborate more on your requirement? Because am able to read the data which is in your input format. Check this Below SS.

I believe 2, ,3,4 is your table headers right?

Input :

Output :


2,_,3,4 are not my header that also repeted like2,2,3,4 black is the privious number, main header should be below that but they are also same. but the combination is never same
and i want combination. please help

@Shubham_Kinge ,
Can u share the sample input Excel file which you are not able to Read.

what i suggest you is read the data table uncheck addheader so that the first row is now as it is
then skip the 2nd row as you dont need that

Now you need the header so keep that in build data table

So now you have the header you need and the 2,_,3,4 as your first row

Hope this helps

@Chirag_Shetty_Divakar @Jithesh_R
I need the second and thirds combination here is the example of pdf.
example.xlsx (8.6 KB)
beacuse next to them is the addition and sub of values that time it giving problem to get the proper value

i merged the column names and then tried it worked. readed the range without the headers and added the first datarow’s values inside second one and then written the range and again read that using the read range enabling add header.

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