Two levels approval


Is that possible to modify the new idea flow to have below scenario.
New Idea will always go first for COE RPA approval and then for Process Owner approval?
The case is that COE RPA approve but it is still on Idea stage once go to Process Owner who then approve and move to phase Assessment.

Well it always starts with Process owner
They must have provided all the relevant idea about the process, standardise them, check internally within their team whether it really needs automation

After a lot of discussion and tuning the process with you as a business analyst or rpa developer, they will approve initially and at times they connect with Coe team to implement this in a structured process
Anyhow it starts with process owner and then together with Coe approval

Usually COE team being core team of technology they do feasibility check, enables the process implementation and manage after implementing them

But still it varies with each company policy

Cheers @Malgorzata_Niteckakubicka

I think that’s not possible yet, in Automation Hub, however you want this change globally to or for only one BU?

If it’s globally you may interchange the name of the teams and that will change the flow.

Also, regarding for one specific BU, I’m afraid that is not possible. I just check, it seems you can manually add approver to the team. So if you add a process owner explicitly in the COE team, his/her approval would do the needful, right?

I know it’s not easy ams recommended to have such users addition in different group but if you want to have some exception flows, you’ll have to have some exception cases and request a exception access.

You can also let us know your customized flow that you wish to achieve, that will give better idea of what you think end to end.


I want to apply such a way of working for all new ideas, not only for specific BU.
What do you mean by change the name of the teams?

This is what I want, to be approved by RPA BA and Process Owner or only by RPA BA