Two For Each inside One For Each

Hi all,

I am having a problem with For Each activity. I want to read PDFs of one folder and then compare them with another folder to verify if data is the same. After that, i want to join the PDFs that has the same information as the second PDF.

So, I use For each activity for the first folder, and then I use 2 For Each activities. One to read the information of the first folder, and the second one to read the info of the 2nd folder. After that, i compare information and if it is true i want to move the two PDFs that are the same. How can I move the two PDFs if in the first For Each I can just move the PDFs of the first folder?

Thanks :slight_smile:
Albaran_Factura_Union.xaml (25.5 KB)

Maybe following can help:

  • keep track on which pdf hast to joined with which one
  • iterate on the end over the joined files list for a file and do the joining

Thanks! I will try :slight_smile: