Two-dimensional dictionary

How to access a two-dimensional dictionary?

design: key(string) : value (string)
I appeal: DIC(“string_key”)(0)

There are no errors in the editor.
But when I start, I get an exception: the key was not found. Although the key is … Wrong syntax? I use action “Build dictionary”.

I turn to the dictionary through “WriteLine”.
I can not provide screenshots.
How to work with two-dimensional dictionaries?

u can use newdictionary(ofstring,string), Need to use it in Assign activity

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I need newdictionary (ofstring, string)
But I do not know how to apply to get the value from the key array …

Refer UIpath Academy/Data Manipulation/Dictionary


There is no such page.
Link please?

search for uipath academy>click on leaning path>select RPA developer>select DATA manipulation>select Dictioneries.

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Found. I looked. Thank you for what you need.
It turns out that a third-party library did not allow me to turn to the dictionary. My syntax is correct.

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