Two different laptops, one word in unattended, the other dont

Dear all,

I got the enterprise license, and I want to use a machine template to use in different workstations. In the workstation AVPADM010 I did not need to use the key machine to connect the Ui Assistant and it works in Unattended mode. Otherwise, in the workstation AVPUIP001 I must log in Ui Assistant with key machine and it does not run the process in unattended mode.

Do you know why is this happening? I do not understand why in column “Nombre de usuario…” in the workstation that works appears the domain\user, and in the workstation that does not work doesnt appear the domain\user…

Many thanks! :slight_smile:

May be license has allocated to test robot also

Hello @Divyanshu_Divyanshu ,

I have been checking and I have realized that one machine now is available, and the other one is not available in unattended robot:

Do you know why is this happening? I have reached this list in monitoring tab.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Are you using the community version?
if yes then it might be license allocation issue because it allow only user as unattended.

I am using enterprise edition… I have got a unattended license and a RPA Developer license.