Two detail line items data should get in one data table

i am having two line item from that we will get detail line item after the clicking the check box and click on open button for N number of line items,

for first line item click the check box and open the detail line item and then screen scrap the detail line item and store all the values in data table for the first detail line item ,

when it come to the second detail line item the data in the data table should be for the first detail line item and for the second detail line item but in my case again the second detail line data was getting i want the all 2 detail line items data in one data table

Data table for storing the each detail line item values after each line item open to detail line item


can any one help me with this issue .

Hi @Deepak_Ravula1 ,
You can use for loop, after 1 row , you need +1 to index data
Your data will not duplicate.

Hi @Deepak_Ravula1 -

→ Can you please let me know where exactly you are facing the issue. Also, it looks like you are using screen Scraping, instead did you try with Data Scraping and the output of this activity is data table

→ Now, loop through the rows of data table and within that take Add Data Row activity, in the Array Row field

{Currentrow(0).ToString, Currentrow(1).ToString............}