Two Data comparing

I want to compare two data. I want to compare the customer name in the “alldata” with “customer” data and write the customer number next to the same ones.
but sometimes the customer names in the two data do not match. therefore I must give a percentage value (example: the customer name in “alldata” and “customer” data match 50%) how can ı do that?
thank you :))alldata.xls (3.6 MB) customer.xlsx (794.2 KB)

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Have you already try it,You can share your xaml to easily address the issue thanx. @burcu_argun

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first i tried replace two column after that for each row i created data table and ı want to give percentage
but it’s confused :frowning: @pattyricarte

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percentage is given as a default value or else you need to calculate it based on the matches and then put?

I need to calculate match rates, for each row first i made split.
for example;
the customer name in the first data: robot company
the customer name in the second data: robot limited company
the match is %66,6
ı want to do that :slight_smile:

the 66.6% you calculated it manually or you got it as a result from the workflow as of now?

ı calculated manually i could’t make in the workflow
actually ı want to ask that how can ı do that in uipath?

You can calculate the percentage by taking into consideration the number of matches and the total number which were present. after the sequence use the logic of calculating percentage from the final datatable you got as output.

how can ı make in workflow the percentage by taking into consideration the number of matches

You are comparing the columns right. If the match happens include one variable incrementing there. And after that you will have the number of matches in that variable. You can take that variable and divide it by total number of elements and convert to percentage.

thank you so much:)
ı tried it’s working but how can ı get the highest percentage?because there are so many percentage for same row?

do you store the percentages in a column?

yes like that data, ı want to keep highest percentage how can ı do that?


sonuc.xlsx (8.1 KB)

why does your percentage column has 0,5 and 0,6 as elements.

percentage varible type is double ı could’t write to excel thats why ı convert this elements like 0,5
project.json (681 Bytes)

ı want to keep for each customer name the highest percentage
how can ı do in the workflow ?
result.xlsx (8.2 KB)

Hi @burcu_argun
Just Sharing :smiley:

1.Use Excel Application Scope.
2.Use Read Range to get the datatable.
3.Use Sort Data Table.

cheers :smiley:
Happy learning :smiley:

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