Two CE robot no longer available

Two CE robot no longer available?

Yes they are. Please use Development as Robot Type.

Hi @badita

Now i need to create the 2nd robot and and i need to be as available Both Robot [1 and 2]
For that what i need to do ?

i have done so far ?
i have created the 1st robot and i assign schedule task
1)Created the 2nd robot and new environment too
2)Then i execute the uirobot.exe
3) After that i go and check the uipath icon below image in that my 1st system details only available ?

there i need to give my 2nd machine name and robot key values and then i need to hit an connect button then only my second robot is alive knows ?

so at the time what about the 1st robot ?

Hi, for your second robot to work, you need to login to it through another account in the system. Not through the same as the first robot.
The domain can be the same, but the name is not.

Hi @Kirill_Kubskiy

i have created a one robot in that i have schedule too

as like now i need to add second robot and do certain process also hoe to achieve that

Note : in my second system robot to trigger in that system also i need to install the uipath ?

You must install the studio on the machine of the second robot
That is, I must do the same as for the first robot
Do you understand me?

if i do like that While executing UiRobot.exe extension i need to add the second Robot Details So at the time what should be the 1st robot Situation. it will be in Disconnected or available ?

Note : UiRobot.exe extension execute at the time i need to disconnect the 1st robot and i newly need to added the second robot details ?

If you go to the second robot under another system account, while the domain can be the same, you will have a full functioning of both robots

On your screen, for the second robot is another account, so everything should be earned

sorry i cannot able to understand what you try to say ?