Two Browser Windows with the same user ID are open when the bot is triggered from the orchestrator, but its not happening when the bot is run from the bot tray

Hi All,

This is the current issue I am facing with the bot that has been recently moved into production.
About the Bot

  1. This is a modified REFrameWork bot and is on an unattended machine.
  2. The development and production environment are similar.
  3. There is no retry enabled anywhere.

About the Process

  1. The process starts with logging into IBM Sterling gateway in IE, login with with user1 credentials and enter the details. click a button to get the save prompt
  2. Download report 1 by clicking save in the prompt that appears in the bottom
  3. log out and close the browser
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 with user2 credentials to download report 2.
  5. The reports are processed to give a consolidated excel sheet that is mailed to the client

Issue when triggered from the orchestrator

  1. The bot works till getting the save prompt.
  2. Then there is a new browser window with the same user credentials .

As part of troubleshooting the bot was triggered from the bot tray in the prod machine itself to see if this is happening again. But it is not happening when the process is triggered from the tray. This is happening from the orchestrator alone.

I am not sure where this is going wrong. Any kind of help will be appriciated.

Thank you!

Hi @PriyaRK,
Please try to put temporary Delay activity before this activity which throws an error. Sometimes it happens that some browser activities might fail because are triggered faster than browser can handle it.

Hi @Pablito ,

There are delays placed between the activities , a timeout of 3 minutes is also set. The issue is that when this is triggered from the orchestrator there are 2 browser windows under the same user name launched, which is not supposed to happen and doesn’t happen when the bot is triggered from the tray.

Is there anything else that can be done?

Priyanka R K

@PriyaRK Since the browser is detecting the same session, can we check by enabling New Session and Private Property enabled on the Open Browser Activity?


Can you elaborate on this I am not able to understand how this will help. The same session is not being detected, a brand new session with the same user id is created.

Priyanka R K