Two accounts for Forum and Academy

HI @UIPath team,

I don’t think you might have got a question like this,

I have an account for academy.uipath… which i have completed my developer diploma and i have an account for forum.uipath… which i have few badges but used same email for both the accounts. So i hope the developer certification will provide me the Robot Juinor badge in forum as well , but it isn’t.

Is there anyway to link both the accounts so that i can use a single account for both the URL’s.

Hope there is a way.


Hi @HareeshMR,
Go to below URL and send the request to add it into the group



Arivu :slight_smile:

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Hi @arivu96,

I have raised a request in foundation and Admin just closed it without any notification or reply…
Do I need to do anything else?

Hi @HareeshMR

I’ve spotted your issue and we re-run the process on one of your requests :slight_smile: You were just added to all the groups based on your Academy progress. Enjoy the new badge!

Thank you @loginerror… Finally the waiting is over… :slight_smile:

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