Windows Workflow Activity for Twilio send SMS

Package: Twilio.Workflow.Activities
Author: @Andrey_Zelenovsky


Hi @Andrey_Zelenovsky,

WoW. Really happy to know that the Twilio comes again. Can you tell us about the supports the Twilio in Uipath. Because we heard something as below.




Yes, given the feedback from the community, we listened and brought it back. Just SMS for now and not voice.



Hei, @balupad14, most of the community activities will be open sourced. “No support” means that we are not under an SLA or a contractual obligation to fix them when an issue occurs (eg:Twillio API change), however we’ll be there on the forum and we (together with our community) we’ll do our best to make them work.


Sure @badita… Thank you



Thanks for your work @Andrey_Zelenovsky.

Have you given any thought to adding a voice call activity also?

We’ve been using Cisco Tropo to do this, but t is ending at the end of November. It was a really simple way of doing this, there was an application (just a couple of lines of javascript) on the tropo server. We just hit that with the uipath webservice calls, passing the number and message in the url.

We have been using this for really critical out of hours alerting. It’s more reliable to wake someone up with a phone call than a message, so it was nice piece of mind even though we rarely saw a call.


We’ll see what we can do :wink: