Twilio Integration With Uipath

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  1. I have been integrated twilio with uipath for whatsapp messages.
  2. when i send whatsapp message for particular number, uipath bot has to trigger
  3. uipath bot is triggering but very delay some times instantly trigger sometimes after3-4 minutes triggers
    4 what could be the reason for delay trigger?

Could any one help me to understand this


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Hi Govardhan,

If you’re using the Trigger feature in UiPath Integrations, this operation has a polling interval of up to 5 minutes meaning it can take anywhere from 1 second to 5 minutes to execute.

If you need to get around this limitation you could (try) configuring a webhook from Twilio that calls the Orchestrator API to initiate a job.

Are you using Integration Service or another method to connect?




Hello @GovardhanReddy ,

I agree with @Krollythegoalie . There is one more option, you can try.

Create a web-studio cloud automation with HTTPS request and call the method as required Get/Post by using HTTPS activity so you can easily send Twilio message. This will be much faster.

Note - Web studio is still in to preview mode.


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Hey @GovardhanReddy

Are you using queue trigger for this ?


Great Thanks for letting me know this

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Ok thanks bro

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Not Queue bases using orchestrator integration service i am triggering

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Integration Service

Hey @GovardhanReddy

Okay got it.

So you mean to say when the event occurs the integration takes time to trigger ?


Absolutely correct as @Krollythegoalie says it takes up to 5 minutes anytime uipath is triggering and also bot is triggering twice every time i send whatsapp message

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