Twilio Activity is not supported anymore by UiPath

Hello all,

I have created the workflow where I have used the UiPath.Twilio.acitivities package by Uipath and my workflow is running completely fine using 1.0.0 preview version but when I updated the package to latest version it is now working and giving the below error.


Although, I have accomplished my requirement using the previous version of Twilio package but I have one doubt, in many blogs they have said that this is no longer supported by UiPath Studio

So my question is does uipath will remove the twilio package in future? If yes what is the alternative to workaround with sending SMS and Calling in uipath?

Hi @shreyash_shirbhate

It is better do not use preview versions on your projects since they can be promoted to an stable version or removed.

As a workaround you can get the package from a computer in which you have deployed your code before by searching it into C:/users/%username%/.nuget/packages and paste it into your new computer, and then you will be able to check your code and migrate it to another package.

I remember the winner of one of the hackatons build an activity for Twilio, you can explore the package, it can work for you.



Hey @AndresTarazona ,

Thanks for quick revert! So, I am using the 1.0.0 version of Uipath.Twilio.Activities package in one of my machine where my workflow is running completely fine.
On the other hand, in my another machine it is not working with the same package but if I use 1.0.0 preview package then only it is working.

Is this what you are trying to say? if I copy the 1.0.0 Uipath.Twilio.Activities nuget package folder from the 1st machine and paste to another machine’s nuget folder then it will work fine?

One important question, like they are saying they dont support twilio activity anymore so we will be not able to use this package anymore in future? they will remove it? What does it exactly mean? as I have to set this up for client!

About the Troy Web Component which @AndresTarazona have suggested from the winner of the hackathon, that package does not have the calling functionality which is the primary requirement for me!!

@Palaniyappan @loginerror Please help if you guys have any idea!

Thanks in Advance!!

Sorry for the confusion here. For context, the Twilio activity pack was originally created by the community. As you’ve noted, in December, we deprecated the community version and released the official 1.0.0 from the product team. This will be the supported version going forward and we have no plans of getting rid of it.


Thanks @justmarks for clearing the confusion!!

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