TUTORIAL - Build a Machine Learning Robot with Community Edition

TUTORIAL - Build a Machine Learning Robot with Community Edition
The following step-by-step tutorials will guide you through building an intelligent Machine Learning UiPath robot.

These workshops have been written with Secondary School Students in mind (14yrs+) and assume no programming knowledge.

Workshop 1: Install UiPath Community version and Python, then build a talking Digital Assistant. (download below)

Workshop 2: Following on from workshop 1, extend your robot with Machine Learning using Linear Regression (download below)

Pass these workshops on to your local school, your teenage children or just use yourself.

Have fun, and I look forward to your comments and feedback.

Thanks - Tony :grinning:

UiPath-RPA-Machine-Learning-Workbook-01.pdf (3.0 MB) UiPath-RPA-Machine-Learning-Workbook-02.pdf (2.1 MB)


@TonyNudd Interesting, I am trying this out Right away :slight_smile:


Thanks @TonyNudd, this would be really helpful in creating cool stuff using this tutorial.


Excellent initiative @TonyNudd!


This is amazing @TonyNudd

We all could learn from this and start building really amazing stuff with ML…

Thank you so much for the cool stuff as always…

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This is excellent @TonyNudd

Thank you !!

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Thanks @TonyNudd the documents look good.

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Thanks for this tutorial.

On page 8, I found just such an empty link to the video:

hey @TonyNudd, great tutorial! I love your detailed approach on explaining each step!

One small note: on the second part, pg19, if you added this “NOTE: If you enter a non-numeric value by mistake in the User Input box, Studio will pause with an error –simply click the STOP button to return to edit mode.”, that means that on the previous page, the yearsExp variable should have been declared as Int32, as it is now it won’t give any error when entering a non-numeric value :smiley: